What is a City?

By Barbara Heller
In September 28, 2014
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“Santa Fe Institute is involved in is bringing a predictive, “mathematizable” framework to compliment the traditional the narrative form that is more associated with the social sciences… Beneath the infrastructure and social fabric of every city in the world is a set of hidden mathematica rules common to them all.”, said Geoffrey West of Santa Fe Institute.

Santa Fe Institute’s concept that outcomes such as how many parks per capita can be predicted is provocative. Our view is that excellent Park Systems may be predictable, but they are not inevitable. Great parks, like great towns and cities, require creativity and commitment, communication and planning.

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“The future of humanity and global sustainability is now dependent upon us having an understanding – a deep understanding – of cities and urbanization.”, he said. Very provocative stuff and highly relevant to the spaces and programs that we design and manage in our communities.

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