This process elevates the level of sophistication of work processes and methods. The assessment is developed according to organizational need, but generally includes a review of the leadership system, operations, establishing direction, customers and market, using data for decision making, and process review. The assessment can include an entire system, or elementsof the system, including maintenance, recreation, planning, service quality, and administrative functions. Applying Lean concepts, the assessment will improve work methods, reduce organizational waste, and provide recommendations for improved organizational efficiency and effectiveness. Elements of specific assessments include:

Recreation Program Analysis
One of the core competencies of a parks and recreation agency is its ability to deliver innovative recreation programs. Yet, many times, status quo thinking and a lack of creativity exists within the program delivery process. This process includes identifying customer needs, inventorying current offerings, review of the program development process, measurement systems, competitive analysis, and marketing initiatives. Ultimately, this process will result in more energy and life in programs, revenue growth, and more customers in programs.

Maintenance Management Assessment
Generally, park maintenance requires a significant investment in labor, equipment, and vehicles. As a result, using best practice approaches such as 5S and Lean, use of design and maintenance standards, ongoing replacement schedules for equipment, vehicles, and park/facility infrastructure are all critically important to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of agencies. The assessment will review work methods, staffing, performance measures, work culture, sustainable practices, and resource allocation.